Remote Patient Monitoring Using Health Intelligence


For clinic groups to improve patient care and make their processes more efficient.


Data at your fingertips to scale your studies so you can focus on innovating and improving healthcare.


Population Health trends with patient data to leverage and refine your service.


1SRCE is the most advanced RPM software. All-in-one Solution.

Every year we spend $3.7 trillion on chronic diseases.  Nearly 60% of ER visits are related to a chronic disease.  Each year, costs associated with healthcare waste is between $760-$935 billion.  How do we reduce this?  

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With real-time data and actionable insights, you can provide better patient outcomes at lower costs. 1SRCE can customize to your needs save you time, increase your team’s efficiencies, and increase revenues.


Set up device data collection for new research projects in days, not weeks or months.  With 1SRCE, reduce total review time by 50% by streamlining the clinical research team’s process.  


By partnering with providers using 1SRCE, you can reduce costs, reimburse at a faster rate, better understand patient population, and work together with clinicians to improve patient care.

Empowering Predictive Scalable Secure Healthcare

Predictive Design

Predictive and Analytics features using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that can integrate with various EHR and billing systems.

the power of scaling

1SRCE meets the needs of your growing business by providing patient population management while monitoring a wide variety of vital signs and diseases.

safe serivce

1SRCE is secure and HIPPA compliant. We provide a 24/7 live support team of technical and healtchare support.

1SRCE: A product you will love with white-glove service. 

"The diabetic who knows the most, lives the longest."

― Dr. Elliot P. Joslin ―